Services You Can Get From An Air Freight Forwader

Freight forwarders, also known as logistics companies, can help you save a lot of money and time in regards to the supply chain. Since airfreight forwarders are usually attending to multiple accounts simultaneously, they can represent a vast array of shipping carriers total freight. Given that they are one of the largest and consistent clients, they often have bigger bargaining power in booking compared to a sole company or individual. This negotiating leverage is used to get the best possible freight prices and terms.

Once a logistic company gets a shipping order, they get in touch with various carriers to arrange space for the shipment on various asset-based carriers. The options, of course, include freight ships, trucks, railroads, and airplanes.

Freight forwarding companies are typically licensed by the federal maritime agency and have familiarity and expertise in dealing with customs. This experience and expertise helps them prepare and process the documents necessary to ascertain their shipments get to their different destinations, checkpoints, and pass through the customs with ease. Freight forwarders help review all the necessary documentation and declare shipments. Thanks to the new age of information, all this can be easily done online.

Airfreight forwarders ideally offer extra services. This include:

Negotiating the Best Rates and Discounts

Logistic companies can negotiate the best rates for large shipments. Just like an airline makes a loss when seats aren’t filled, carriers ideally lose money when they do not ship a full load in each plane or ship. Freight forwarders can ideally help you save money through shipment consolidation.

Plan & Execute Shipping Across The Whole Shipping Cycle

Reputable logistics companies can literally provide door to door shipping services. They can handle both exports and imports for combined, sea, rail and road shipping and also provide door to door delivery. Basically, they are the masters of transporting huge freight quantities across the borders.

Some of the biggest freight forwarding firms also offer warehousing, distribution, and delivery for select clients. For example, if you manufacture in India or Asia, you can hire a logistics company to handle the shipping to the nation your clients reside. From there, they can handle the warehousing, distribution, and delivery of your products through their product fulfillment services.

As you can see, there are several important services that an airfreight forwarder can provide. The shipping process comes with a lot of hurdles that a new business will find daunting. These specialists offer the best solution for reaching clients both across the country and internationally.

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